Tournament: 4th Beer Forester

Divisions Pdga Membership Required Pdga Min. Rating
MA1 (Men Amateur Open)
FW1 (Women Amateur Open)
Date of Event 04.11.2017. @ 12:00h
Signups opened from 24.09.2017. (12:09:12) to 03.11.2017. (12:00:00)

Beer Forester will be played during two days of the weekend in a format that will be decided at a later time and depending on the Drava Forester layout free areas etc but most likely after Drava Forester rounds. More details on this easy going tournament where beginners to are welcome will be available in October.

Beer Forester tournament is limited to 50 players.

Some more info is available at the event page.

Registered players

# Nation Div. Name PDGA Rating Paid
1 HU MA1 Péter Hársfai 53819 874
2 HR FW1 Ana Goricki 99333 N/A
3 HR FW1 Snežana Nedelkovska N/A N/A
4 HR MA1 Vanja Brozovic 57256 805
5 HR MA1 Ognjen Livada N/A N/A
6 RS MA1 Nemanja Zutobradic 91918 N/A
7 RS MA1 Veselin Neskovic N/A N/A
8 HR FW1 Branka Habjanič N/A N/A
9 HR MA1 Kristijan Sklepić N/A N/A
10 SI FW1 Andreja Bernjak N/A N/A
11 HR FW1 Jelena Gecek N/A N/A
12 HR FW1 Eda Rain N/A N/A
13 RS MA1 Ivan Jakovljevic 96981 N/A
14 RS MA1 Milan Todorovic 87739 N/A
15 SI MA1 Zmago Sobiech N/A N/A