Previous tournaments

First Drava Forester was held on 24th and 25th November 2012 with the participation of 30 players from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Norway. Since then 146 players from 16 countries played it at least once, and out of those 54 players played it two or more times.

DravaForester 2015
The fourth edition of the tournament was the first in the new 3-day format with one 21-hole round played each day. This reduced the number of players to 54 in the main event and 13 in the recreational Beer Forester. Women’s category was played by 8 competitors, and the win was from the start in the hands of Swiss Natalie Holloköi. 46 players competed in the MPO and it was thrilling till the end of the finals when German Dominik Stampfer, a 2013 runner-up, secured a two stroke victory over 2013 winner Matias Söderström.

Full results are available at the PDGA website.

The third edition of the tournament was held on 7th to 9th November of 2014. This tournament was attended by 84 male and female players from 12 countries. In addition to the main tournament, for the first time we have organized recreational tournament. We were particularly happy with the participation by Jenni Eskelinen, the current European women champion.

Women’s category of the main tournament was played by 12 competitors. Katharina Gusenbauer of Austria took the victory, second place went to Slovakian Katka Bodova (winner from 2013), and the third was place was won by Finland's Jenni Eskelinen. 55 players joined men's tournament. The winner was the Finn Teemu Malmelin in front of compatriot Matias Söderström (winner from 2013). The third place went to American with Croatian address Mike Gordon. The full results of the main tournament can be found at PDGA website.
In a recreational tournament 18 female and male players competed in two rounds, one each day.

Full results are available at the PDGA website.

The entire report from Drava Forester 2014 in the form of a PDF document can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Drava Forester 2013
The second edition of the Drava Forester, held on November 8th to 10th in 2013, was the first tournament in Croatia sanctioned by the PDGA. The tournament was attended by 50 players from 12 European countries. Official accommodation was at the hotel "Varazdin". The event was covered by all regional and some national media. Organizers were guests live in the studio of local VTV television, two TV crews were present at the course, organizers were guests on three radiostations, and press releases were transferred on many Internet portals.

Seven female players competed at the event. First place was won by the Slovak Katka Bodova, second place went to Austria's Wiltrud Derschmidt, and the third was taken by last year's winner Slovenian Jasmina Pištan.

Among the men 43 players competed. The victory was won by Matias Söderström from Finland who demonstrated exceptional game and scored an "hole in one" on the last hole of the tournament finals. Second place went to the German player Dominik Stampfer, and third was won by Austrian Otfried Derschmidt.

The full results of the tournament can be found at PDGA page.

Drava Forester 2012
Varazdin first disc golf tournament was held on 24th and 25th November of 2012 with the participation of 30 players from Austria, Slovenia, Norway and Croatia.

Six female players competed for the title among the women. Slovenian Jasmina Pištan won the event while second place went to local player MajaŠimenc, and the third to Austria's Eva Maria Pirchenfellner.

Among the men 24 players competed. The winner of the tournament was Mike Gordon, American with Croatian address, second place went to Austrian Otfried Derschmidt, and the third also to Austrian player Harald Neumayr.

The overall results of the tournament can be found in our photo gallery.