Tournament Course

The area for the course of 6th Drava Forester is by the sports hall Arena Varazdin and the Drava river. One part of the course is on the open meadow area by the banks of the Drava river, while the other part is in the forest area surrounding the sports hall.

Course layout for 2017, actually the forest part of it, had to be changed a bit compared to the past years because early in 2017 the running and exercise track was arranged in the forest and some of it is now in a way of play for the holes we used to play.
But, on the bright side, a new Mayor and city government were elected in May and it seems that they will support the event and possibly even make the course permanent so a new 2017 layout should stick.

At the bottom of the page you can download PDF versions of 2017 course map and tee signs.